Posted by Irina Meghea


1. Family name: MEGHEA

2. First name: IRINA

3. Date and place of birth: July, 6, 1967, CALARASI, ROMANIA

4. Nationality: Romanian

5. Civil status: Divorced

6. Education: Institution Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics Section, University of Bucharest. Period: 1985-1990. Graduation mark: 10. Final studies mean: 9.97.

7. Scientific Degree: Ph.D. in Variational Methods in Mechanics, 1999.

8. Language skills: English and French (speaking, writing, reading very well), German, Italian (reading, writing very well, speaking well).

9. Present position: Associate Professor to Mathematics II Department, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

10. Specialty fields:

  1. main field: Variational methods in mechanics, Mathematical analysis, Functional analysis

(ii) other fields: Applied mathematics, Fluid mechanics

  1. current research interest: Variational methoes in functions study, Mathematical (statistical) methods involved in environmental monitoring

  2. PhD thesis: Minimax theorem in β-differentiability and surjectivity theorems of Fredholm alternative type for the operators of the form J S

  3. Master: Sustainable development

  4. Previous research: variational and hemivariational inequalities applied in fluid mechanics, axysymmetric fluid rotary bodies applied in celestial mechanics via variational methods, infiltration in porous barrage and flow at plane profile with variational inequalities, capillarity problems solved with direct methods of variational calculus, scientific consultancy for mathematical modeling of fluid flow in biochemical reactors

Present activity research: - Applications of the Ekeland variational principle in the inverse function theorems;

- Modelling Non-Stationary Time Series;

- Statistical methods in environmental monitoring.

  1. Teaching activity: Courses in Advanced Mathematics, Equations of Mathematical Physics, Algebra and Analytic and Differential Geometry, Probabilities; Seminars: Algebra, Analytic and Differential Geometry, Differential Equations, Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Mathematics

11. Scientific works:

  1. A treatise in three massive volumes (about 1000 pages everyone) of mathematical analysis involved in natural sciences and in practice encompasses a vast exposure of the differential and integral calculus in Rn and in C

b) A great study about Ekeland principle with its generalizations and variants – a monograph

c) Applied mathematics in environmental modeling – articles and projects

12. Books:

- Scientific monograph: I. Meghea, Ekeland variational principle with generali-zations and variants, Old City Publishing, Philadelphia, Editions des Archives Contemporaines, Paris, 2009

- Treatise: C. Meghea, I. Meghea “Differential and Integral Calculus”

Vol I: Differential Calculus – 850 pages, Bucharest, Ed. Tehnica, 1997;

Vol II: Integral Calculus – 1000 pages, Bucharest, Ed, Tehnica, 2000;

Vol III: Integral Calculus – 900 pages, Bucharest, Ed. Printech, 2002.

- I. Meghea, Lecţii de algebră şi geometrie, Ed. POLITEHNICA PRESS, 2010

- I. Meghea, Analiză matematică. Aplicaţii, Ed. POLITEHNICA PRESS, 2010

- I. Meghea, I. Lăcătuşu, M. Mihai, I. Popa, Monitoring and statistics of atmospheric pollutants, Ed. POLITEHNICA PRESS, 2010

13. Important Research Grants:

I was and am still involved in research projects funded by World Bank and EU:

- MTKI-CD-2005-014058, “Development of Strategic Academia-Industry Partnership in Romania for Knowledge Management in Environmental Friendly Technologies" – KnowEnTech, international programme MTKI-CD-2005-014058, KnowEnTech - member

- “Wastewater treatment sludge and residual marine biomass from Romanian Black See Coast as innovative bio-solid composite, Norwegian Cooperation Programmes for Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in Bulgaria and Romania - member

- Project funded by World Bank with CNFIS, “Reorganization of the mathematical technical teaching in order to develop the managing capacity and create the flexibility in the professional reconversion”, 1998-2002, theme coordinator

- Oxidative stress of troposferic ozone on environment and biosystem, No 39642/1998 – 2001, member;

14. Others: Invited Teacher – scientific seminaries at:

  • Universite d’Angers, France, Departement de Physique – 2008;

  • Universite Catholique de l’Ouest, Institut de Mathematiques Appliquees, Angers, France – 2008;

  • TEI "West Macedonia University", partnership ACADEMIA - INDUSTRY – 2009.

Conference at:

  • Faculte des Sciences, Universite Chouaib Doukkali, El Jadida – 2008 and 2010;

  • Faculte des Sciences, Universite Ibn Tofail, Kenitra – 2008;

  • Faculte des Sciences Semlalia, Departement de Mathematuques, Universite Cadi Ayyad Marakesh – 2008 and 2010.

Initiate teaching and scientific collaboration programme between Faculty of Applied Sciences from University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and Faculties of Sciences from Universities of El Jadida, Kenitra and Marakesh, Maroc, in the frame of the Partnership Convention Romania - Maroc.

15. Member in: - Balkan Society of Geometers

- Balkan Environmaltal Association

- Society of Romanian Mathematicians

Member in organizing comitee:

  • First International Workshop on Advanced, Nano- and Biomaterials and their Device Applications, 17-21 September 2008, Poiana Braşov, Romania

  • Franch-Romanian Topical Meeting on Nano and Biomaterials, 17-21 September 2008, Poiana Braşov, Romania

  • Second International Workshop on Advenced, Nano- and Biomaterials and Their Device Applications, 15-19 September 2010, Sibiu, Romania

  • Franch-Romanian Topocal Meeting on Nano and Biomaterials, 15-19 September 2010, Sibiu, Romania